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Only in Arkansas: Grapette!

The family-run business that makes the popular drink has been around for 75 years.
MALVERN, AR - It's a childhood and in some cases -- a lifetime favorite.

But this particular drink holds a special place in many Arkansans hearts.

It's grapette -- and you've seen it on shelves across the nation and internationally, and it's always been made right here in the Natural State.

You likely never knew it was here, but it sure has a smell you'll never forget.

"We get that from a lot of our visitors," says David Rice, the Vice President and Director of Marketing for Grapette.

Tucked away in Malvern, is the plant where all of the Grapette and Orangette products are made. But that's not all they do.

"Ice cream flavors and bag in box fountain syrups and anything that you can imagine," says Rice.

But everything it makes is special. It's an Arkansas family-run business.

Moving to Malvern in 1999 -- the first Grapette drink was sold way back in 1939 when the company first started in Camden. 

"It has a lot of really special memories for, particularly Arkansans, who grew up drinking Grapette" Rice says.

And every drink they make today -- is based on the same formula that started only here in Arkansas.

"We are here making the same drink that people remember and are proud to be cranking it out," he says.

So the next time you smell, then taste the drink -- you know where it comes from.
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