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Only in Arkansas: From Rust to Fire Engine Red; City's First Ever Fire Truck Restored

One Central Arkansas town has held on to and restored quite an important piece of it's history.
Before restoration.
Before restoration.
SHERWOOD, AR - For the past year the Sherwood Fire Department has worked to renovate a piece of their history.

"To have something like this it's pretty awesome," explained Captain Jodie Hartman. "This is Sherwood's original fire truck, purchased brand new in 1951."

It's the first professional vehicle ever purchased for the City of Sherwood back when it all first started.

"Fortunately [we've] been able to keep it around for the past 60 plus years," Capt. Hartman added.

It's a 1949 Dodge and the Fire Department tried to keep all the original pieces of equipment like the hoses, the pumps, and even the engine block which still has it's 10,000 original miles.

Capt. Hartman remarked, "Really bringing a part of history back to Sherwood."

Of course it hasn't always looked so good. A little bit here, a little bit there with well over a hundred hours of labor it was refinished and refurbished thanks in large part to community sponsorships.

In all the Sherwood Fire Department spent $3,000 to bring it from a rusted hunk of metal worthy of a junk yard to what it is now.

"To have a piece of Sherwood's original equipment that was purchased only for Sherwood's fire department is pretty special," Capt. Hartman said.

It's sure to make the first guys that ever worked with it proud. (Picture attached)

"To have that drive to make this city was it is," Capt. Hartman referred to the original firefighters. "You can't have much of a community without a fire department."

Or it's history for that matter that got the city where it is today.
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