Only in Arkansas: AR National Guard Museum

Only in Arkansas: AR National Guard Museum

The first militia in Arkansas dates back to the early 1800s, and it's all documented at the Arkansas National Guard Museum, where visitors get a peek into history.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - In it's 15th year, the Arkansas National Guard Museum tells two stories.

Hidden away on the grounds of Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, you might have never known it was there.

Once inside however, you'll likely never forget.

"When you think about the Guard and the militia, we are woven into the fabric of Arkansas," says Director of the Arkansas National Guard Museum, Steve Rucker.

Rucker says the museum itself is part of the history of the Natural State.

The post dates as far back as 1804 with the establishment of a militia in Arkansas, up to today, documenting the many federal deployments through the more than 200 years.

The museum has the ability to take you back to the days when the post was established in 1917 as a World War I training facility, and then to the 1940s in World War II.

Rucker added, "We focus strictly on the Arkansas militia in the National Guard and it's contributions to the state and nation, as well as the impact that this post had on the economy of Central Arkansas."

It's a story you won't find anywhere else.

For hours of operation, prices and quite a bit more history, click here.

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