One Year Later: Recovery Continues for Zack Towers

One Year Later: Recovery Continues for Zack Towers

Injured Star City high school football player collapsed during a game after suffering a seizure.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The health battle goes on for a former Arkansas high school football player who suffered a seizure during a game.

One year after Zack Towers collapsed on the field in Star City, his comeback continues.

Via social media we've learned that "Zack is doing pretty good these days. He is still having random bad nights though without reason. But he is hanging in there," his family posted on Facebook last month. "He still gets to go out of the house and go places and he always enjoys getting to go out. Thanks for the continued prayers & support!," the post continued.

According to the family, Zack had suffered a head injury earlier in 2012 but had been cleared to play. He felt fine, until he was struck with the seizure during a huddle between plays. It left him in a coma.

Just after Christmas, Zack left the hospital, still in a comatose state. By April, he was responding to questions. His recovery continues at home.
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