Officer Injured in Shootout with Suspects

Officer Injured in Shootout with Suspects

One officer injured in shoot-out Sunday in Little Rock
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Little Rock police are questioning three men and a woman after a shootout where one officer was hurt.

It happened just before 10 p.m. Sunday in the 1000 Block of South Monroe Street.

Police say neighbors called after they saw two men taking pictures with guns on the porch.

When officers got there, the men ran in the house and began shooting at two policemen and then those officers returned fire.

A bullet grazed one officer in the leg, and one man was shot in the foot before it all ended.

"In this case, there won't have to be an entrance into the house because those individuals did give up on their own and walked out of the residence," Sgt. Cassandra Davis said.

Police say the suspects in this case could have been involved in another shooting, but it's still under investigation.

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