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Offensive Slur Found On LGBT Group's Poster At UALR

University says it is reviewing the matter.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- A gay slur was found on a poster at University of Arkansas-Little Rock. The poster belonged to the school's gay advocacy organization.

The group is called Alliance, and it brings together students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

President Zack Baker says earlier this week, he found a gay slur on one of the group's posters hanging inside Stabler Hall.

"I was putting up flyers promoting the (National Coming Out Day) event, and I was taking down the Little Rock Pride parade flyers since it already passed. And I ran across a very derogatory word on the flyers," Baker said.

Baker says the term was the gay slur "f--".

He adds the discovery is hurtful to LGBT students and says he is still in the process of filing a formal report.

University leaders say they are looking into what happened with the information they have so far and maintain any sort of vandalism is totally unacceptable.

"We take violation of student code seriously," said Logan Hampton, UALR student affairs official.

Hampton says the university does not welcome harmful actions.

"The institution does value, appreciate, support diversity," said Hampton.

Baker says the marking is a reminder the group has to do more to encourage diversity.

"For the most part, (the UALR) campus is great. We run into very little problems here on campus. But occasionally we do get these kind of things," Baker said.

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