Extreme Cold Means No Outdoor Recess for Kids

Extreme Cold Means No Outdoor Recess for Kids

PCSSD students were kept inside on Monday.
MAUMELLE, AR -- Below freezing temperatures greeted Pulaski County Special School District students today as they returned from Christmas break.

And, the policy at PCCSD is when temperatures dip below 36 degrees, students can't go outside.

So they stayed really active in gym class at Pine Forest Elementary in Maumelle.

Teachers say concentration and behavior are better when children get the chance to move around.

And, instead of going out to the playground for recess, kids stayed in their classrooms and did interactive videos on smart boards.

Physical Education Teacher, Tonya Raborn, said, "Movement, movement, movement! From warming up with running, even though it's not a large space in here, they can still run and run continuously for a certain amount of time."

At the elementary school, there's also extra coats for kids who forgot theirs.

In this kind of weather it seems hard to believe that happens, but teachers say when students are in a hurry to catch the bus...they sometimes leave the coat behind.

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