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Nightclub Shooting Leaves One Dead in Parking Lot

State Police detectives are investigating a shooting in Arkansas County near the Casscoe community.
ARKANSAS COUNTY, AR - The parking lot of Pit 33 sits empty Monday (12/16) night.

The quiet Highway 33 it's near sees little traffic.

Early Sunday morning however, it was a much different scene.

"State Police investigators were over here today -- they were interviewing people," explained Arkansas County Sheriff Allen Cheek.

According to Arkansas County Sheriff's Office and State Police, a shooting left one man dead in the parking lot around 2 in the morning.

State Police say the victim was Larry Wiley, 42, of Stuttgart.

Exactly what led to the incident authorities are providing very limited information.

The victim's body has been sent to the State Crime Lab for more examination. The Arkansas County Prosecuting Attorney will continue the investigation.

It's the first homicide of it's kind Sheriff Cheek can remember in his 11 year tenure but he attributes this incident to the type of business it happened at.

"This here was at a place that's not supposed to be a club for the public to come and party and drink alcohol and fight and everything."

Sheriff Cheek fought the approval of this building operating with a liquor license when it applied saying it's too isolated for his deputies to keep a proper eye on it.

The license was never approved but Pit 33 operates as a private establishment hosting BYOB parties.

Those are parties Sheriff Cheek says attract this type of activity to isolated highways on the outskirts of his county.

He said, "I don't really know how I can stop this type of tragedy from happening but whatever I've got to do I've got to try to do it."
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