New Jobs Coming to Pine Bluff

New Jobs Coming to Pine Bluff

Summit Poultry will open January 6.
PINE BLUFF, AR -- More than a hundred people have smiles during this holiday season after they've been hired at a Pine Bluff chicken processing plant.

Summit Poultry, Inc., is now the owners of the plant on Second Avenue in Pine Bluff.

It used to be Horizon Foods until leaders laid off all of its workers and closed its doors due to financial mishaps.

Summit Poultry leaders said they have studied the industry and have invested lots of money to make sure this chicken processing plant remains open.

Many of the employees laid off from Horizon now work for Summit.

"I've watched a couple of these people get hired again, and they're saying that it's going to be the best Christmas they've ever had. It's a good feeling in your heart when you do something like that," said Harry Schmid.

The plant is expected to be at full production on January 6.

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