New Facility Gives Troubled Young Adults 2nd Chance

New Facility Gives Troubled Young Adults 2nd Chance

The Young Adult Opportunity Center will provide a number of resources to disconnected young adults to help them get back on their feet.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- In an area where some say crime is rampant and opportunities are few, a new facility is giving young adults a second chance.

It's called the Young Adult Opportunity Center, and it's located along the 12 Street Corridor in Little Rock.

One man first learned about the facility after we told him about it Thursday, and he couldn't be happier to start utilizing the resources there he says is needed in his community.

"It will open up a lot of doors for the youth around this community," said Dwayne Eskew, Little Rock Resident.

Eskew is patiently waiting for doors to open. He's been in and out of jail for selling drugs and wants to turn his life around. He believes the Young Adult Opportunity Center will help pave his way to success.

"I'm trying to better myself every day you know," Eskew said. "I mean it's an ongoing process, but you know as long as we stay prayed up and ask God to guide us in the right direction, it's possible."

The new center will provide disconnected young adults with education programs, employment training, life skills, counseling, parent academy and more.

Tauheed Salaam with the Central Little Rock Promise Neighborhood is working with other non-profits to kick start this pilot program.

"We believe this is going to work, but we also want to use it as a model that other communities can use," Salaam said. "We really want to have this as a place for them where they can come back and kind of reconnect with some of the traditional pathways for success."

Salaam says these resources are a huge need all over central Arkansas. For people like Eskew, it's the one opportunity he's been searching for.

"We need to show them a source where they can get skills and opportunities to better themselves," Eskew said.

The center is expected to open in November. It's located on 4317 West 12th Street in Little Rock.
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