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Neighbors Not Surprised By Accident On Busy West LR Street

Drivers flying through the neighborhood not paying attention is how some describe an area where police say a newspaper delivery driver hit four joggers.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Four joggers were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after an accident early Saturday morning.

However people who live in the area said they were very lucky.

"I've got two kids and I worry about them," said Kacey Jones who was out with her two daughters Sunday afternoon.She like many others don't risk hitting the pavement, but rather stick to the sidewalks.

"We've had quite a few close calls," said Jones. "Me and my girls we'll be on the sidewalk with people not paying attention, or are on the phone or just driving too fast."

She said she often sees drivers passing into the bicycle lane with their cars.

The police report shows the elderly gentleman who struck the joggers was not under the influence, and it may have simply been an accident.

It also says they were in the bike lane going in the opposite direction of traffic as is require by law.

"People drive really fast down these roads," added Jones.

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