Mother Who Lost Baby in Fire Looking to Help Others

Mother Who Lost Baby in Fire Looking to Help Others

Hot Springs woman lost her 18-month-old daughter in an August 31 blaze at their home.
HOT SPRINGS, AR -- Three weeks ago at just 18 months old, Willow Grace lost her life in a Hot Springs fire. Now her family is hoping to help others. 

"Its very painful," Willow's mother, Brandi said. "I want the entire world to know, I want them to know my daughter."

Through the hurt, the pain and the loss, Brandi said she has found inspiration.

"She was very special to us, she was our whole world, and I want everyone to know her like I did," she said.

Her hope is to be there for other victims of house fires, not only with clothes or toiletires, but also with a shoulder to cry on, or simply being there for people. 

"They will have someone to talk to who's been there, who knows their pain, not just someone who can say, 'Oh I understand', and they really don't, they have no clue, or 'Hey its going to be OK,' because it will probably never be OK, we just have to find a way to cope better."

Brandi will continue to look for ways to help others with Willow's memory always in her heart. 

A fundraiser is being held Sunday for Willow's family, called Willow's Wish.

"It will feel great to be able to be around so many people that care," Brandi said.

Click here to visit the Willow's Wish Facebook page.
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