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Mother of 9 Soldiers Reflects on Their Time Away

Nine of Rozena Williams' children served in the military.
Man if you don't pray, you ain't gone make it.
PINE BLUFF, AR -- A Pine Bluff  mother celebrated Veterans Day, saluting nine of her sons.

Nine of Rozena Williams' sons served in the army. She is the mother of 17 children.

"One like it, he tell the other brother, 'You ought to come in that's a good job,'" Williams said. "They kept doing that until they got all of them in there."

Williams said it was tough to see her sons off, especially during times of war.

"You could hardly figure how I went through with it," she said. "Man, if you don't pray, you ain't gone make it."

Knowing she couldn't do anything, she relied on her faith to get her through. She constantly prayed they would all return home safely.

"When you think about all your kids and you try to pray for everybody, I just say, 'God take care of all of them,'" Williams said.

Her prayers were answered.

Seven of her nine sons retired after 20 or more years. 

Her wish is to see them all in their uniforms one more time.
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