Morrilton Head Start Has Roofing Problems, Community Hopes To Save it

Morrilton Head Start Has Roofing Problems, Community Hopes To Save it

The city owns the building and is now getting bids to repair and save it.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Roofing problems have forced the Morrilton Head Start Center to close, and now some community members are speaking out about why it should be saved.

The center's program director says they are helping parents make other arrangements as they are in the process of getting a temporary space.

The current building, which was Sullivan High School in the days of segregation, also has deep historical value for the community.

"This is the school that serviced African-American students," said former student Ruby Burgess.

Charlotte Kindle says the institution helped her become the city's current clerk and treasurer. 

"This building is a part of me, part of my heritage and my history," she says.

City leaders are getting bids in hopes of repairing the building, which former student and teacher Perry Brown hopes can be done.

"If the building is torn down, how can we remember black people existed too?" said Brown.

Councilman John Payne, also a former student, says the city is not considering demolishing the building, and he wants to make sure it never becomes an option.

"I am happy to be part of Sullivan and will always treasure it in my heart," he says.

City leaders expect bids to be returned by the end of September.
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