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More Scrutiny on Hazen Police after Highway Pull Over

An Arkansas Police Department is facing questions from the Department of Justice after a Tennessee woman accused its officers of unnecessarily aggressive force.

HAZEN, AR -- Additional complaints have come in about quickly escalating encounters with Hazen Police, but the Chief of Police said the claims have no basis.

Video captured during a traffic stop last week on I-40 near Hazen shows how fast tempers flared.

The passenger in the vehicle headed home to Tennessee after a trip to see her ailing father in Texas described how she desperately called 911.

"Explaining to dispatchers we're on I-40, we don't know where and there's an officer here being very rude, very aggressive," said Ruby Holland-Hutchins. "And we feel like the situation is going to get out of hand and I feel like we are in danger."

Our story Sunday prompted more citizens to come forward.

"When I saw it I said this just happened to me," Rickey Larkin said.

Larkin was traveling home to De Valls Bluff when he was involved in an accident at an intersection in Hazen. Chief of Hazen Police, Bradley Taylor, showed up shortly after and Larkin said began accusing him of being intoxicated.

"He said there's beer in the truck," Lardin said. "And I said there's no beer in the truck."

Lardin said Taylor was rude and accusatory, while Larkin was trying to determine whether his girlfriend and the other vehicle's driver had been injured.

"No one should be treated like I was treated," Larkin said. "I won't come back to Hazen anymore, not alone."

He'd like an apology, but the woman from our original story is not letting them off as easily and plans to file a lawsuit.

"Time will tell," said Larkin who believes it's only a matter of time before something happens again.

Taylor declined an on camera interview but said his department puts their lives on the line every day to protect citizens.

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