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More Fundraisers While Family Waits For Positive Signs From Kali

Family members of an Arkansas girl recovering from a rare disease say her condition keeps getting better; at the same time support from the community continues to pour in.

BENTON, AR- Friends and family of Kali Hardig manned a tent outside the Benton Kroger this weekend, selling hot dogs and cold sodas to help raise money for her family.

"The associates are coming together the customers are coming together and they are making this happen," said Co-Manager of  the store, Jeff Armstrong who said they were happy to jump in to help.

Armstrong added, even more so since he knows Kali and her family personally.

"It's really been something special for me... to help with this," he said.

12-year-old Kali contracted a rare parasitic amoeba in July and has been slowly fighting it since.

Two people have survived this parasite, which is why "Kali's Krew" wore the number three in the hopes that she'll be next.

"You can't do it all by yourself so it's a true blessing," said her cousin Jeffrey Beck. "There are people out there to help us out."

They're thankful for everyone pitching in.

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