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Maumelle Teens Honored for Saving Teacher's Life

Two students were honored Thursday for their role in helping save a teacher's life.
MAUMELLE, AR -- On Thursday afternoon, two students were honored with Life Saving Award by the city of Maumelle.  In January of 2013, then sixth graders Misty McCowen and Trey Jackson, helped substitute teacher Ronald Kimbrew as he went through a heart attack.

"I would probably be in a cemetery right now, I would not be here," Kimbrew said. "I was just going through a normal day, trying to explain the English language, dealing with the subject and the predicate. All of the sudden while I was doing that, that throbbing as if somebody hit me in the chest occured."

That's when the two students sprung into action.

"So I just sprinted to the nurses room," Jackson said. "I just knew that I needed to hurry and get help, I thought he was like going to die or something, because he wasn't saying anything."

"It was scary watching him just hold his chest, breathing heavily, going through that," McCowen said.

Following two surgeries and several months, the two were honored in front of their peers. 

"Beacuse of their efforts I am standing before you right now," Kibrew said during the ceremony.

McCowen said the recognition was special.

"It was very good, although it was scary going up there, yeah it felt good to have people cheering me on for what I did," she said.

Jackson agreed.

"It felt good to go on stage, and smile at the girls," he said.

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