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Lawsuit: Officer Tases Woman After She Refuses to Flash Him

A woman files a lawsuit in Haskell claiming an officer harassed her there.
HASKELL, AR -- A woman has filed a lawsuit against the city of Haskell and one of its former police officers.

Ashlea Bennett claims officer Brandon Carter tased her in 2011 after she refused to show him her breasts.

She says he was on duty and in uniform when this happened at her workplace.

The lawsuit doesn't state if the two know each other.

People who live in Haskell say Carter should be punished, but they don't think the city should be listed in the lawsuit, too.

"It was his doing not the police department but him alone," Randy Ingle said. "I think he should lose his job, or he did lose his job. I don't wish any bad luck on anyone, but some people deserve what they get coming to them."

Bennet is suing for several reasons including assault and failure to train and supervise.

No one with the city or police department returned our calls on this matter.

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