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Jamaica's Bobsled Team Headed to Sochi

For the first time since 2002, the Jamaican bobsled team has qualified for the winter Olympics.
(CNN) - For the first time since 2002, the Jamaican bobsled team has qualified for the winter Olympics. But they didn't have enough money to get to Sochi. Thanks to some very generous people, their hope for Olympic glory is about to come true.

For the first time in more than a decade, the biggest underdogs in bobsledding have defied the odds and qualified for the Olympic Games. But before packing their bags for Sochi, the Jamaican bobsled team had one problem: money. They needed a lot of it.

More than $80,000 to cover travel and equipment fees so they turned to the internet. Two online campaigns helped the team raise more than double the amount of cash they were hoping for.

One online fundraiser was started by an average Olympics fan. Anyone who donated $50 or more got a free t-shirt featuring #coolrunnings2.

It was the popular 1993 Disney movie "Cool Runnings" which chronicled the Olympic journey of Jamaica's first bobsled team and made them one of the most famous teams in the sport. but after missing the last two winter Olympics, the Jamaican bobsledders were determined to qualify for Sochi.

The team's captain Winston Watt, came out of retirement to lead the team. He's eight years older than any bobsledder who has ever qualified for the Olympics. He said, "A lot of people ask us if we're really crazy coming from this tropical country doing this sport. But sometimes I really look into myself and say yes we are really crazy but on the other side of it, it's not many people that can say they're from a tropical country, going out there and doing a winter sport and they're so good at it."

And thanks to people from all over the world who are inspired by their story, they'll now have another shot at Olympic glory.

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