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Jail Administrators Count on Taxpayers to Expand Overcrowded Facilities

White County prepares to expand it's jail seven years after opening a larger facility, due to overcrowding.
SEARCY, AR--Overcrowding is forcing administrators at the White County Sheriff's Office to expand the jail, six years after opening a brand new facility.

The head of the state's jail standards commission says all of the state's jails are either at capacity or well over. It's a hot topic as severe overcrowding at the Pulaski County jail is prompting PSCO Sheriff Doc Holladay to discuss the county's safety and funding concerns with other agencies.

Similar to Pulaski County, White County and others across the state are seeing their jail beds filled with people on the waiting list for state prisons.

"I would like to see the state step up and solve their own problems with building facilities, building programs, doing what they need to do to relieve the pressure on the counties," says Captain Clayton Edwards, President of the Arkansas Jail Administrators Association.

Capt. Edwards says the White County jail is currently full with 275 inmates and roughly 70 are on hold for ADC.

Like Pulaski County, Capt. Edwards says White County is having to be more selective about who they put in jail, saving beds for the most dangerous offenders.

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