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Hutchinson Calls for State Income Tax Phase Out

A leading Republican candidate for Arkansas governor says he wants to phase out the state income tax.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - A leading Republican candidate for governor says he wants to phase out the state income tax.

Asa Hutchinson says Arkansas has to be competitive with surrounding states and slicing the tax paid on income can help make it happen.

It's certainly not a new idea.

The Arkansas general assembly state legislature cut income tax by 0.1% during the legislative session that wrapped up in April.

That move will means more approximately $55 million less in state revenue in 2015.

Hutchinson saying Tuesday lawmakers didn't go far enough.

He wants to see a phased out approach of reducing and or eliminating Arkansas' income tax.

If this phase out idea sounds familiar, it is.

Governor Mike Beebe employed the same plan to reduce the state's tax on groceries.

Beebe defeated Hutchinson for governor in 2006 when the former congressmen said he didn't support the phase out.

"I had a different model, his model worked he got elected and got to try his model so who can argue with success," Hutchinson said Tuesday.  "He was able to do it over a period of eight years and its benefited our citizens. I think you take that model and say let's take a look at the state income tax."

At this point, Hutchinson says it's too early to determine how much of a cut he would support.

But he maintains Arkansas can do it without cutting key services like prisons or education.

The Republican primary is set for May 20th, 2014.
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