How Ad Matching Saves You Money in the Grocery Store

How Ad Matching Saves You Money in the Grocery Store

Coupon Queen Stephanie Master explains the basics of how it works.
Saving money with coupons can really add up for smart shoppers who also know about ad matching.

"Basically, ad matching is when one store will match the price of another store that has a certain item on sale," says Coupon Queen Stephanie Master.

In ad matching, as in couponing, be sure you examine the print part of the ad more closely than the picture, because the print information is what you must follow.

Ad matching is a big saver for things like canned vegetables. For instance, a regional store in the Jacksonville-Cabot-Beebe area has a special this week on Del Monte original style sweet peas, regular or French cut green beans and cream or whole golden corn at two-for-a-dollar for a 14.5-15 oz. can.

Master says that's a deal that can stretch your dollars really far and stock up your pantry when you ad coupons to the mix to expand your savings. Just be sure you know the store's policy on how many of the items you are allowed to buy since often times there are restrictions on sale items.

Master's tip of the week for couponers is to not be afraid to speak up if you feel a coupon is not being applied correctly, or you have similar problems at the checkout. She says to ask for a manager, or talk to someone in customer service if you must.

This week's viewer couponing tip is from Ann Muss:
"Bottom line, if you aren't ad matching as much as you're couponing, you're spinning your wheels to a certain extent since many of your coupons are "eaten up" by unnecessarily starting out with a higher price than you would have if you had ad matched also."

Thanks Ann!
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