Hot Springs Halloween Road Rampage Victim Shares Horrifying Experience

Hot Springs Halloween Road Rampage Victim Shares Horrifying Experience

Many are calling Jennifer Rowton a hero during all the chaos on Halloween night.
27-year-old Twila Gail Watson
27-year-old Twila Gail Watson
(Photo Courtesy of Hot Springs Daily)
(Photo Courtesy of Hot Springs Daily)
Her choices changed my life forever.
HOT SPRINGS, AR --  Jennifer Rowton told KARK how she gently coaxed Twila Watson, 27, to stop her vehicle and got close enough to smell the alcohol on her breath.

Then Rowton tried to grab the woman's keys, and that's when Watson panicked and ran her over repeatedly.

"Her choices changed my life forever," Rowton said.

Flowers and gifts fill the recovery room of the mother of four grandmother of one.

Just released from the intensive care unit, Rowton is ready to tell exactly what happened in the Quail Ridge neighborhood this Halloween.

"(Watson's) eyes were completely dilated, her pupils were huge," Rowton said.

She, along with dozens of parents, watched as Watson crashed her car into a tree and continued to drive the vehicle recklessly near hundreds of children.

"I go up to her door," Rowton said. "I notice she has two little kids in the car, and I look at her, and you can smell alcohol coming out of the car."

She said Watson was panicked, so she tried to calm her down and distract her enough to reach into the car and put it into park.

"That's when she stomped the gas petal and my arm was in her car," she said.

She then turned the wheel to stop the car from hitting children but got trapped under it and run over three times.

Her son-in-law, trying to help, was dragged over a hill where Rowton could only listen from there before she said Watson headed back for her.

All I can see is this car coming straight for me and I'm thinking my kids are fixing to watch me die," she said. "Because I can't move... I couldn't get out of the street."

A man drove a trailer in between the two, she said, saving her life.

"It took four people to get her to the ground and handcuffed," Rowton said. "She's screaming the whole time she didn't care if she killed us all."

KARK knocked on Watson's door and heard her inside, however the man who answered declined an interview based on their attorney's recommendation.

Rowton said despite her injuries, broken bones in her legs and a separated pelvis among others, she has no regrets.

"I would do it again tomorrow because I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt especially to the children," said Rowton. "I wouldn't even think about it I would do it again."

Letting the emotion get to her she added, "But I'm very angry that I have to learn to walk again, that I'm missing my children's life. My son has senior night and she's walking free. So I'm a little angry now."

Rowton said after this incredible story, she was most shocked to find Watson is five months pregnant.

She added that she only feels sorry for Watson's children, who she hopes don't have to pay for their mother's poor decisions.

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