Homeless Advocates Host Coat Drive at Moose Cleaners

Homeless Advocates Host Coat Drive at Moose Cleaners

Volunteers with The Van ask people to donate coats ahead of Winter at Moose Cleaners locations in Little Rock.
As the weather cools, local homeless advocates are getting a head start keeping people safe from freezing temperatures.

The One Inc. has been helping homeless people on the streets of Central Arkansas for the past couple of years. As soon as it starts getting chilly, they see the need. Aaron Reddin drives The Van, carrying coats, blankets and socks to unsheltered homeless people.

This year he's hoping to add more coats by teaming up with Moose Cleaners. People can drop off their coat donations along with their dry cleaning to help The Van stock-up ahead of winter.

Reddin says the smallest item makes a huge difference for people stuck in the cold.

"Miserable, miserable. The other night I found a guy on the sidewalk, he had on thin dress socks. I hooked him up with socks, thick wool socks. It blew his mind," says Reddin.

The Van is accepting coats of all sizes, light and heavy for men women and children.

You can donate items to Moose cleaners locations across Little Rock. For more information click here.
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