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Holiday Capitol Lighting Expenses Exceed $50k

If you've been through Little Rock at night you've likely seen the Capitol dome brightly lit with it's own hundreds of little bulbs strung all around. Not only are there more lights this year than last it cost quite a bit more money as well.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Lighting the Arkansas State Capitol in 2013 cost $50,963.33.

The initial sticker shock for many folks when they first hear the price can catch them off guard but the State broke it down.

The majority of the expenses was spent on brand new lights for the first time in three years.

About $10k were spent on things like storage supplies, safety equipment, lumber and zip ties.

Nearly $37k however, were spent on the new blue in color LED lights that the State says will help cut down on energy costs.

The Capitol in the last few years has tried to save money by only lighting the front half of the building. This year though, with the new investments, they didn't cut any corners.

"Some people talk about it looks funny and the other people they always came up and said we'd like you to light both sides," explained Secretary of State Spokesperson, Alex Reed. "So this year, since it was our third year we had to buy new bulbs anyway it wasn't a much larger expense to go ahead and buy them for sides."

Reed says this is the second year they're using their own crews for installation rather than hiring out.

Compared to 2013, the State only spent around $15k but they didn't buy any lights.

The lights purchased this year should last the State 3 more years.
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