Hijacked Bus Driver Honored For Keeping Students Safe

Hijacked Bus Driver Honored For Keeping Students Safe

Sheila Hart says she is ready to get back to work.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Pulaski County Special School District honored the bus driver who remained calm when Jacksonville police say a hijacker took over her bus.

On Wednesday, Sheila Hart recieved commendations for her response to the hijacking on her bus.

"I love these kids," Hart said. "I don't see how a person can drive a school bus without caring about the kids."

Last Thursday, Jacksonville police say while Hart picked up students at a bus stop, Nicholas Miller met her at the door with a knife.

The driver says she had driven three blocks when Miller commanded her to move.

"He wanted me to switch with him as the bus was rolling," Hart said. "I said, 'No, we can't do that.' So I stopped the bus, he sat down. He asked me how to use all the controls, I showed him the controls and we started driving."

Investigators say Miller drove nine miles while Hart tried to convince him to stop.

"I told him you can have this bus, just let us off," Hart said.

Miller ended up putting the knife away and surrendering to police, giving Hart and the 11 students on board relief.

Hart says she is thankful the incident ended peacefully. Now she is ready to move on and return to work Thursday.

The district also honored the brave police officers and state troopers who helped bring the situation to a safe ending.

The parent who witnessed the hijacking and called 911 also got a gift.
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