High School Football Bittersweet For Arkansas Family

High School Football Bittersweet For Arkansas Family

The Star City Bulldogs take the field Friday in the first game of the season, but one family will watch the game unfold on the same field their son collapsed on last year.
You learn to cope day-to-day with the situation. But so far every time I've been right here, it just comes back.
STAR CITY, AR -- It was during the last game of the season when Zack Towers collapsed on the football field during a game.

While he continues to slowly recover, his father met with his son's teammates during their bulldog breakfast and told them not to take any moment for granted.

"It was sold out on both sides," Jim Towers said. "Most the town was here."

All eyes were on the field while his eyes were on his son Zack who collapsed suddenly.

His parents believe he suffered a seizure stemming from a previous football injury. His father said it was a life-changing moment.

"Every time I'm on this field now, I look at the north end zone," Towers said.

While the entire field brings back memories of that night for Zack's dad, he said nothing more so than the 30-yard line where he watched his son fall.

"You learn to cope day-to-day with the situation," he said. "But so far every time I've been right here, it just comes back."

Zack's coach Jett Furneaux said it was an emotional night for everyone. 

He showed us around the locker room where Zack's locker stands out from the rest.

"Nothing has changed about it," he said. "Just like he left it."

That is except for the notes of encouragement and teddy bears friends and teammates have left.

"When we got through with the season, the coaches just decided it was something that needed to stay there," Furneaux said. "It's a good memory."

Zack's father, who still wears 'Tower Power' wrist bands, said when he feels discouraged, he remembers the three doctors who said Zack wouldn't make it.

"Had we been able to see that by beginning of football season this year we'd be here with him slowly progressing, it'd be a huge relief," he said.

As the players take the field Friday, Zack won't be far from anyone's thoughts.

His No. 16 jersey will soon be retired. 
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