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Henderson Junior High Students Expelled For Sharing Drugs

Little Rock police are investigating an incident at Henderson Junior High where a student sold or gave pills to another student who then had to be sent home.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- It's a situation Little Rock School District Officials say they are taking very seriously.

"Yesterday, a male student reportedly brought several pills to the campus," said LRSD information officer Pamela Smith.

Police said the pills were hydroxyzine, an allergy medication that can have tranquilizing and sedative effects.

Although it's not a narcotic, these medications can  cause adverse reactions, which is exactly what happened when police said a male student passed along those pills to a female student.

"The student consumed a pill and felt dizzy and faint and was taken home by her mother but is said to be doing OK," Smith said.

Arkansas law 12-18-402  mandates districts report these cases to law enforcement and an information report was taken by police.

"That's part of our protocol," Smith said. "We are legally obligated to report that information to law enforcement," said Smith.

The district would not address the details about discipline the student faces, but according to the police report, they were both expelled.

"The students involved will be disciplined according to the student's rights and responsibilities handbook," Smith said.

District officials also wanted to point out Henderson has a resource officer on campus who is helping with this investigation.

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