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Health Matters: Fencing into Fitness

Fencing centers are popping up all over Arkansas. It's a great way to stay in shape.
BENTONVILLE, AR (KNWA) -- If your fitness routine has already fizzled out, it might be time to get out of the gym and into the fencing "salle".

"It's kind of a complete sport, a lifelong sport, and a great family sport," says Laura Kirk.

Fifteen days in to 2014, and some folks may be struggling to stick to New Years resolutions. President of the Northwest Arkansas Fencing Center in Bentonville, Kirk says making fitness fun can keep you focused.

"Doing something different is always a good way to start and if you're doing something unique and you're doing it with your family, I think it will keep you going a lot longer," Kirk says.

She says fencing works the entire body...helping you stay fit.

Kirk says, "You burn 400 calories an hour, so you are getting cardio."

It's a year-round sport with a strict schedule that is sure to keep you on your toes.

"You're looking at three to six days a week. It's a lot of mental challenge because there is a lot of thought going into it when you're on a fencing strip so you use a lot of strategy," Kirk explains.

However, if you're still searching for some "fit-spiration", you can always challenge your family to a sword-off.

Kirk said, "If you come as a family, even if no one else is in the club you are your own little fencing team. You're not thinking about what you're doing, you're just having fun."

Click here for more information on the Northwest Arkansas Fencing Center.
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