Health Dept. Warns Against Drinking Raw Milk

Health Dept. Warns Against Drinking Raw Milk

With raw milk sales now legal in the natural state, health officials are warning about bacteria in raw milk.

The sale of raw milk has been legal for just a few days here in Arkansas and already some farmers are seeing high interest and sales, but the health department is warning buyers that raw milk can make you sick.

Since Friday, Act 1209 has allowed farmers to sell raw milk at their dairies.

The health department says people should still only drink pasteurized milk because it's been tested and stripped of bad bacteria. 

"Raw milk is probably riskier to drink than probably any other raw food, primarily because with any others you can wash lettuce, apples and cantaloupe, with milk you have to accept it where it is," says Dr. Glen Baker.

Experts at the health department say cows can carry salmonella and e coli along with other bacteria. 

Learn more about the health department's concerns here.

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