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Health Care Information At The Fair

Information on the Affordable Care Act is available at the Arkansas State Fair the next ten days.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Amongst the rides and fried foods at the Arkansas State Fair, there's information on the Affordable Care Act and how to sign up.

Folks with Arkansas Health Connector realized thousands of people would be at the state fair and so they wanted to be there too.

The Affordable Care Act totals nearly one thousand pages which means simply explaining it, isn't always easy.

That's why guides will be on hand at the fair the next two weeks to break down the complex law.

They'll also answer questions on how to sign up and what's the best program for you.

Since there have been technical difficulties with the federal website, this one-on-one opportunity gives people the chance to talk to someone in person.

Public Information Manager Heather Haywood said, "It's really important to be here so Arkansans have a central place where they can come the next ten days to get information about enrollment."

You have until December 15th to sign up for government healthcare if you want to be covered by January 1st.

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