Garland County Man Dies After Being Stabbed Friday

Garland County Man Dies After Being Stabbed Friday

23-year-old Eston Hogue died a short time after an alleged fight, a man is in custody charged with 2nd Degree Murder in the death.

GARLAND COUNTY, AR -- A man is charged with 2nd Degree Murder after a fight last night in Garland County, according to the Sheriff's Office.

40-year-old Shea O'Neill is accused of stabbing 23-year-old Eston Hogue in the neck.

O'Neill was taken into custody after flagging down traffic near Amity Road and South Moore Road.

Officers say he had been beaten.

Around the same time, Hogue showed up at a Hot Springs hospital suffering from a stab wound.

Another man and a woman accompanied Hogue, who later died of his injury.

An officer working security at the hospital and learned from the vehicle occupants that Eston Hogue had been stabbed or cut while in the vehicle and on Amity Road, allegedly by O’Neill.
As the investigation progressed, O’Neill stated he had been picked up earlier by the female and they were traveling down Amity Road when he was suddenly struck repeatedly in the back of the head by two subjects who, unknown to him, were hiding in the back seat.

According to investigators, O’Neill stated that after he was struck 15-20 times, he pulled out a gun to defend himself and one of the subjects took it away from him.

O’Neill says he then took out his knife, lunged in the direction of the attackers and cut Hogue.
The occupants of the vehicle told investigators that the four of them were going to smoke marijuana and had pulled onto a side road, off Amity Road, to the use the restroom.

It is then that deputies believe O’Neill and Hogue got into a fight.
They say statements from O’Neill were inconsistent with the statements of the others and the information gained during the investigation.

O’Neill is charged with Murder 2nd Degree, a Class A Felony.
O’Neill was admitted into the hospital for observation, due to injuries he sustained during the fight.

The names of the others involved are not being released at this time.

The investigation is continuing.
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