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Foul Play Considered in Case of Missing Mom

The search continues for a Dallas County mom authorities say seemingly vanished.
She said if her momma ever comes back home that she's never gonna let her leave again.
FORDYCE, AR -- Wendy Owen is desperate for answers. Her sister, Laura Jones, 28, and mother of a 4-year-old girl has been missing since July.

Five months later a piece of Owen's life is gone.

"It's a feeling almost as if you're forgetting something every day cause you don't know where she is," Owen said.

It's the only missing person's case that's plagued the Fordyce community for years. It's a rare occurrence in the small town.

"It's always been a top priority ever since she went missing," Fordyce Police Detective John Ainsworth said. "She just kind of disappeared. Nobody -- she wasn't with anybody the day she disappeared. She just pretty much vanished on us."

Fordyce PD has dedicated an officer to this case alone tracking down all leads which have so far turned up nothing.

"With it being as long as it has and the leads dwindling down, then we have to look at foul play," Ainsworth added.

Her family has started coming to terms with the possibility she may never come home and just want to know what happened.

"Even if something's happened to her, I wanna know," Owen said. "There is no way that this person just walked off the face of the Earth. Somebody knows something."

These are terms difficult to face for a family of a child now without a mom.

Owen explained how Jones' daughter would ask about her mother.

"She said if her momma ever comes back home that she's never gonna let her leave again," Owen said.

If that day ever comes, Owen says it would be up to someone in the community that may hold the answers.

If you happen to know anything that you think may help bring information in the case to light, the family and authorities ask that you call the Fordyce Police Department at 870-352-2178.
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