Former State Police Officer's Investigation Interferes with Another Trial

Former State Police Officer's Investigation Interferes with Another Trial

The investigation changes outcome of a drug trial.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A former State Police Lieutenant under investigation in a drug case is now causing problems in other criminal cases.

Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley said, "It's the first time I can recall anything like this happening in 23-plus years."

Last Wednesday, Devinn Sheppard thought he'd be locked away for a long time, but today the outlook is much different.

That's because of an investigation into former State Police Lieutenant Sedrick Reed.

Officers arrested Reed last Thursday, accusing him of taking and selling cocaine from an evidence room he supervised.

It turns out Reed was a witness in Sheppard's trial before these accusations surfaced.

Jegley said, "There was a problem with missing evidence...dope."

At the time, Reed told the court he didn't know what happened to the drugs in Sheppard's case.

The prosecution had lab analysis of the drugs before they disappeared, so the trial continued.

But when the prosecutor found out Reed was accused of taking cocaine from an evidence room, he knew what he had to do.

He said, "We did the right thing. It wasn't easy but we moved to vacate and set it aside."

Sheppard's been convicted on other charges and will still serve a 20-year sentence, but the prosecutor says it's not even close to what he deserves.

The prosecuting attorney says he and his staff will be looking through other cases they tried and crossing their fingers former Lt. Sedrick Reed was not a witness in one of them.

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