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Former Sheriff Bruce Pennington Considering Run for Re-Election

Four months after he resigned amidst a state police investigation and misdemeanor charges, former Sheriff Bruce Pennington considers running for reelection.
Bruce Pennington
Bruce Pennington
BENTON, AR -- Four months after he resigned amidst a state police investigation and misdemeanor charges, a former sheriff is considering running for reelection.

Rumors and talk were swirling around Saline County about former Sheriff Bruce Pennington possibly considering running again.

Pennington confirmed he is, saying what's the worst that could happen -- he lose?

Voters in Saline County did not soon forget the legacy left behind by Pennington.

After pleading guilty in August of 2012 to public intoxication and resisting arrest, Pennington resigned as sheriff in September.

Since then, a case against the Saline County Sheriff's Office pursued by a Special Prosecutor and investigated by State Police continues.

Pennington says there was never anything done illegally or criminally.

"Know that if there had been any validity to any wrong doings it would come forth by now," Pennington said in a phone call, citing his experience during 23 years working for the State Police.

That being said, four months since retiring, running again for sheriff isn't far from his mind.

"The very worst thing that could happen is you get defeated," he said.

Pennington hasn't officially decided. He's waiting to see what direction God leads his family.

"That's where I'm standing right now," he said.

While there are those against him, Pennington says he receives constant support, which could leave the door open for a chance at rewriting that legacy.

"And this happens daily. Wherever I may go, people encouraging me to run," Pennington added.

Five other people in Saline County have verbally said they will run for Sheriff under the republican party. E.J. Harris, Rodney Wright, Kevin Cooper, Daniel Dodson and current Saline County Patrol Sgt. Tim Dudderar all have plans to run but nobody has officially filed yet.

There's a $2,000 filing fee.

The time frame for that starts in February with the Primary Election taking place in May.

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