Former Razorback Heads to Super Bowl

Former Razorback Heads to Super Bowl

An offensive lineman playing in Fayettville just one year ago, traded his Razorback red for the Seahawks' green and navy and is on his way to the big game.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Alvin Bailey's uncle lives in Little Rock and largely considers himself responsible for getting Alvin to Fayettville.

So, despite being a die hard Cowboys fan, Eric Bailey will be cheering for Seattle next Sunday.

There are four brothers in the Bailey family who were all well over six feet tall.

"We could be a front line for the Cowboys," said Eric Bailey, who is 6'8".

They were all basketball players, including Eric Bailey's little brother.

"He actually played basketball for the Razorbacks," said Bailey.

His brother's son Alvin however did not inherit those huge genes.

"Alvin is smaller than all of us," Eric laughed.

Of course the word small in this family is relative.

"Alvin is 6'4", 305, he's small!" said Eric. "Well, compared to his uncles."

Alvin got a scholarship to the University of Arkansas but skipped what would have been his senior year to enter into the NFL draft and was picked up by the Seahawks last year.

"Certainly I know the family is very proud of him," said Eric.

His rookie season and now he's gearing up to play the biggest game of his career.

"I've never personally seen a Super Bowl ring but I bet if he gets one I'll get to touch it and see what it's like," said Eric.

Avoiding a house divided this season, Eric said he prays his Cowboys and his nephews team never have to make him choose sides.

"I wish well for my nephew," said Eric. "But hell, I'm a Cowboys fan."

He'll be rooting for Seattle next Sunday.

"All of us," Eric laughed.

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