Fire Chief, 73, Arrested & Investigated for Rape of Minor

Fire Chief, 73, Arrested & Investigated for Rape of Minor

A small town is in shock following the arrest of one of their city leaders who's now the subject of an investigation into the rape of a minor.
WHELEN SPRINGS, AR - Sam Lemay, 73, of Whelen Springs in Clark County, sits behind bars Saturday.

Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson confirms Lemay's arrest and that he's in custody at the Clark County Jail being held while investigated for rape of a minor.

It comes as a surprise to many in the town where he lives and serves as the Chief of the Volunteer Fire Station.

Vera Daugherty says he's very active in the community.

"I can't believe it," she said. "He's real big in the church."

Many questions were still left unanswered over the weekend.

One day following Lemay's arrest by Clark County deputies, details about allegations of the small town fire chief are limited Saturday with Sheriff Watson only saying its very early in the investigation.

Clark County authorities are expected to release more information in the coming days as their investigation continues.

Either way, it's an investigation and arrest that shocked this Clark County town.

"I just pray for him ... pray for the whole family," Daugherty added. "I just can't believe something like this is goin on in this little town but I can't believe it out of that family."
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