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Federal Employees to Pay Back Unemployment Benefits from Shutdown

The State paid $155,000 to furloughed federal employees during the 16-day shutdown.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Nearly 400 federal employees in Arkansas who received unemployment benefits because of the shutdown will now have to pay it back.

The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) says those notices will go out soon, and that it shouldn't be a surprise to any federal employee that received assistance during the 16-day shutdown that ended last week.

Approximately 1,500 federal employees contacted DWS, but checks only went out to 368 of them, according to DWS.

Arkansas paid a total of $155,000 in unemployment benefits to furloughed federal employees, but every employee who received benefits were told they would likely have to pay them back if congress decided to reopen the government and give them back pay, which they did.
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