Fayetteville Considers "Urban Agriculture" Expansion

Fayetteville Considers "Urban Agriculture" Expansion

One of the proposed changes could include allowing home-grown products to be sold at garage sales.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR (KNWA) - The Fayetteville City Council could soon pave the way for residents to grow and sell food products from their own homes.

The council passed a resolution in March aimed at improving access to what it describes as "urban agriculture."

The proposed changes could include allowing the sale of home-grown products at garage sales, increasing the number of chickens allowed on certain city properties and even allowing beekeeping and certain types of goats in qualifying urban areas.

Peter Niengarten, Director of Sustainability and Strategic planning for the city of Fayetteville, says the proposal, if approved by the city council, could help tackle food insecurity issues in the area.

"One in four families is considered food insecure. We've seen a huge increase in the food bank usage. You combine those stats with the fact that food on average in America travels 1,500 miles from where its grown or produced before it gets to our plates and loses 80 percent of nutrition value--we've got an opportunity to really grow a more robust local food economy and help with some of our hunger issues," Niengarten said.

City officials will present the details of the recommended changes to the public at a ward meeting set to take place Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Yvonne Richardson Center.
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