Father Files Lawsuit After Delayed Response By Dispatcher

Father Files Lawsuit After Delayed Response By Dispatcher

A lawsuit has been filed after an accident last winter killed a Little Rock mother and left her son in a coma.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- The husband of a mother left,  along with their 5-year-old son in a submerged car is suing the City of Little Rock and various officials inside the city's emergency services.

Jinglei Yi, 34, died last January after her SUV hit a patch of ice sending it head first into water.

Yi died while waiting for a water rescue team and her son Le suffered brain damage he has yet to recover from.

Her husband, Dayong Yang is now suing the city on his son's behalf.

We spoke with Yang last January at the funeral of his wife.

"I want to stop this from happening to anyone else," Yang said.

Included in the suit filed Thursday, a recounting of  errors the 911 dispatcher, Candace Middleton, made before being fired from the City of Benton's 911 services.

The suit sites 15 complaints from those co-workers of various oversights like sleeping on duty and delaying the dispatch of ambulances.

"I during the background investigation we learned they were employed in a different city as a dispatcher we would find out," said Sergeant Cassandra Davis with Little Rock Police back in June.

Not speaking about this case specifically, Sergeant Davis said dispatchers have background checks before being hired.

The suit said if officials with Little Rock's Police Department had seen Middleton's application  it would have  showed her quote "complete incompetence."

The suit estimates Yangs' son's medical expenses to have exceeded $300,000 and they are seeking a jury trial.

Officials with the city of Little Rock were contact, but declined to be interviewed.

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