Father Continues To Grieve Over His Son's Murder

Father Continues To Grieve Over His Son's Murder

A father tells the story of his son's murder at a "Stop the Violence" event in Sweet Home on Sunday.
SWEET HOME, AR -- It's been one month and still no arrest in the Little Rock murder of 23-year-old Stephen Morrison.

But his father says he's not losing hope and plans to keep this case in the spotlight.

This afternoon Katz Morrison spoke during an event sponsored by the organization "Stop The Violence".

You could hear gasps from the crowd when Morrison said someone shot his son nine times on Mabelvale Pike after a bar fight.

Morrison says he's thankful for folks like Reverend Benny Johnson who put together a special ceremony for his son this afternoon.

It included singing, dancing, preaching and praying.

And while events like this help in the grieving process, Morrison says he's learned to rely even more on something else.

He said, "But I tell you those tears help and I cry and it releases so much pressure and I've learned to cry more. Believe me, I'm 53-years-old and I have never cried this much in my life."

Several of Stephen Morrison's relatives also showed up this afternoon wearing t-shirts with his picture.

The event took place at Watson New Life Church of God in Christ in Sweet Home.

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