Father Concerned His Son's Murder Case Will 'Go Cold'

Father Concerned His Son's Murder Case Will 'Go Cold'

Lonoke County detectives continue to investigate the murder of a man from more than two years ago.
LONOKE COUNTY, AR -- A Jacksonville father says he fears his son's murder case could "go cold" after more than two years with no answers.

But detectives with the Lonoke County Sheriff's Department are far from closing the books on this crime.

Investigators say they've identified a person of interest in the murder of 25-year-old William Watson.

But nearly two and a half years later, Jimmy Watson is still angry.

There's been no arrest in the murder of his only son, William.

"I want to know what's going on," he said.

It was Memorial Day in 2011 when Lonoke County deputies found William Watson's dumped body.

He had been shot, beaten and left partially naked on John Pack Road.

"He was shot eight times, once in the back of the head and seven times in the body," Watson said.

Watson doesn't believe the Lonoke County Sheriff's Department is actively working his son's case.

He says violent murders should be top priority and an arrest needs to be made soon.

"It's on my mind every day," Watson said. "I got a picture on the wall and every morning I say, 'Son we got to solve this case. We got to get these fools in jail.'"

Lt. Jim Kulesa with the Lonoke County Sheriff's Department said the case is far from cold.

"We understand their frustration," Kulesa said.

They've interviewed several people and even identified a person of interest.

He's in jail for other crimes, but so far there's just not enough evidence to charge that person of interest in Watson's murder.

"What people need to realize when it comes to a homicide investigation there's no room for error or for mistakes," Kulesa said.

Detectives wouldn't release the name of the person of interest in this case.

But if you have any information on William Watson's murder, please call the Lonoke County Sheriff's Department.

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