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Family Staying In A Hotel After Fire Destroys Their Home

A home is destroyed in Faulkner County Friday afternoon.
FAULKNER COUNTY, AR -- There's nothing left of a Faulkner County home after a fire tore through it this afternoon.

No one was hurt in the fire that happened just after noon at the intersection of Earl and Lissy.

The home burned to the ground, but no one was inside when the fire started.

The parents -- and their three boys -- were headed to Little Rock to visit a family member in the hospital.

Before getting there, they received a call about the fire and turned around.

Witnesses say they saw flames shooting from the kitchen and called 911.

Although firefighters arrived quickly, they couldn't save the house or anything inside it.

Carrie Wilkerson -- who lives in the home -- says she's glad no one was hurt, but the fire destroyed a lot of meaningful things.

Wilkerson said, "Since I was probably 10-years-old, I've walked around with a camera just taking pictures. Even at school, all my high school buddies have a lot of memories. I had a lot of memories with pictures. So that's probably one of the hardest things. I mean it seems so trivial, but everything else can be replaced. That's one thing that can't be replaced, you know?"

There's no word on what caused the blaze.

The community is already stepping in to help out though.

A counselor with Mayflower Middle School -- where two of the boys go to school -- started a fundraiser, collecting clothing and money for the kids.

The family rented the home.

The property owner says he's going to see how much his insurance company will cover and then decide whether or not to rebuild.

The Red Cross is providing the family with a hotel room as they look for temporary housing.

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