Family, Police Search for Missing Mom

Family, Police Search for Missing Mom

Finding a missing person becomes top priority in one Arkansas town. For two weeks the mother of a 4-year-old hasn't been seen or heard from.
FORDYCE, AR - "It's been horrible," Wendy Owen remarked. "Cause when she didn't show up for six days we're like okay something ain't right."

It's a search on all fronts as Laura Jones' family knocks on doors, posts flyers and walks the streets with desperation in their eyes as they turn Dallas County upside down looking for Jones.

Jones has been missing since July 22.

"I think somebody knows something and I wish they would come forward," Owen said. "Because she's out there and I don't even know if she's had food or water."

Owen scours for possible reason's why her little sister, Jones, would ever leave without any consideration for her four-year-old daughter.

"[Her daughter] asked about her over the weekend and wants her momma," Owen cried.

Fordyce Police Chief Jimmy Vaughn confirms they've had many local leads but have yet to find Jones.

The police department says it's rare for a person to go missing in Fordyce.

It remains only a missing person's report but Chief Vaughn says they have to entertain the idea of foul play.  He has assigned an officer to this case alone and says they are stepping up their efforts.

Owen added, "I think she's still alive... somewhere... yes."

The family says Jones has short blonde hair, blue eyes, weighs 80-90 pounds, is about 5'3" and was last seen wearing blue jean capri's, a white t-shirt and white Crocs.

It's possible she's in the Bearden area.

Her family says Jones is schizophrenic, has a drug history and may not have any idea where she's at or who's around her.

There has been a Facebook page created for the search but they ask if you think you see her immediately call police and don't let your eyes off of her.
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