Education Matters: Standing up Against Bullying

Education Matters: Standing up Against Bullying

Event held in Little Rock to prevent bullying.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Local leaders are making a plan to build communities, not bullies.

During a special event that was held over the weekend, children and adults signed a pledge to stand up against bullying.

Behind the music and dancing at the Clinton Presidential Center, there was a strong message.

"I tell them often to treat people how they want to be treated," Tafarra Haney said.

Haney is a busy mom with two young girls, but she made sure to make time for the "Build Communities Not Bullies" event in Little Rock on Saturday.

"And it's very important that we as parents pass to church members, family to be aware of this issue because it impacts everybody," Haney said.

Event organizers say kids who aren't bullied are more likely to focus on learning, which makes positive events like this one so crucial.

Anyone who attended could also sign a pledge, promising to be kind and stand up against bullies.

"And this is the beginning, only the beginning of greater things that we shall walk out and make happen and not just talk about," said event organizer Steven Juain Young.

Actress Phyllis Yvonne Stickney is also on board with the anti-bully pledge.

She spoke at the event and encouraged kids to be friends with everyone.

"A beautiful playwright said for us to suspend judgement and replace it with curiosity so we don't want to judge people," she said. "Let's be curious enough to get involved and make a difference, a positive difference."

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