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Education Matters: Learning About Arkansas Wildlife

A Nature Center in Little Rock is popular with both the adults and children.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The folks at Arkansas Game and Fish operate four nature centers around the state giving kids and adults the opportunity to learn more about the outdoors.

Take a walk around the Witt Stephens Jr. Central Arkansas Nature Center and you'll quickly discover this is a state rich with wildlife.

"We do have our alligators as well that we feed every Friday at 2. That's very popular," Education Specialist Hollie Sanders said.

Sanders says "live exhibits" like the alligators and fish are checked out a lot at the Nature Center in Little Rock.

She says people also like the unique antique fishing lure display.

But 11-year-old Manyia McFee tells us her eye is on the sky.

"My favorite part is when we get to read the things about the birds and what type of birds or fish they are," she said.

Sanders says along with seeing the displays, there's also information to read plus educational games for kids.

"That's how we fit it in. We are the hands-on experience to what they are learning in the classroom," Sanders said.

But learning at the Nature Center goes far beyond these exhibits.

There are workshops teaching toddlers about mammals and adults how to canoe and hunt.

The best part, it's all free.

The state established the four nature centers about five years ago.

They're funded by a conservation tax.

To learn more about the programs and workshops offered, click here.

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