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Education Matters: 'Isolation Uncensored'

A local group of college students is working on a project involving solitary confinement.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Students at Philander Smith College built a replica of a solitary confinement cell in a state prison.

Students, who built the cell replica, say it's smaller than an average parking space.

Ahmad Williams is one of the students helping with the class project called "Isolation Uncensored."

"We believe isolation is torture due to the small space it's in," Williams said.

Because of that, the group of students is working to educate the public by letting people visit the replica and showcasing statistics, hoping it helps to put an end to solitary confinement.

"We're also against how much it costs," Williams said. "We believe it costs less to put someone in prison for life then to give them the death penalty."

The group of students also plans to use the "Isolation Uncensored" project to let the public know about the case of Tim Howard.

He's the man sentenced to death for killing two people in 1999.

However, many say he was wrongfully convicted.

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