Education Matters: History and Modern Technology Collide

Education Matters: History and Modern Technology Collide

A program at PCSSD gives students the chance to work with the community, making it a better place.
MAUMELLE, AR -- Two Pulaski County Special School District students came up with a project that changed the way people view art at a local museum.

The young ladies -- at  Maumelle Middle School -- are part of a program called EAST.

8th Grader Lauren Camps said, "This class is to help reach out to the community and make things better for the community."

For one of their projects, the two created QR codes for the Arkansas Art Museum.

Visitors can scan the code with a smartphone, making it simpler to read about the work and artists.

All the codes are organized in a brochure.

People can pick one up when they visit the museum.

Camps said, We went to present it to the Art Center and they really liked it and it worked."

Camps and fellow classmate Caitlin Skolasky teamed up to create the QR codes.

The project took them about a month to finish.

Skolasky said, "Getting to see the QR code app go straight to where you wanted it to go...that's just fascinating to me."

Their East facilitator says this daily class is a different way of learning.

She says students make all the decisions, so they're invested.

Candy Riggan said, "So if it means something to you and you have a stake in it, then you're going to learn more, you're going to develop it more and you're going to do a better job."

If you would like to check out the students' work, you can visit the Arkansas Art Museum, click this link for location and hours.

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