Education Matters: An Outdoor Classroom

Education Matters: An Outdoor Classroom

Students build a unique classroom outside at Maumelle Middle School.
MAUMELLE, AR -- A group of middle school kids decided learning outside would be much more fun, so they came up with the concept of an outdoor classroom.

While building the classroom, it sounded more like a construction site than a school yard at Maumelle Middle School.

For their class project, the Maumelle National Junior Honor Society decided to build the outdoor classroom.

Alana Guthrie said, "Because that's the reason we're doing this to get people more involved, more pumped and more excited to be learning."

The kids did most of the work with some adult supervision.

They put together picnic tables, made bird houses and designed an area for learning with a dry erase board.

Caroline Elliott said, "Today I really learned that if you use teamwork you can get something done."

The outdoor classroom opened Monday and teachers can use it for any subject from Science to English.

A grant from Game and Fish along with Home Depot donations made the outdoor classroom idea a reality for the kids in Maumelle.

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