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Drunk Driving Victim Back On Bike Thanks To Loved Ones

An Arkansas man left for dead in a motorcycle accident in North Little Rock has shown remarkable recovery just one year after he almost lost his life.
I want to ride again.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Sept. 4, 2012 was the day Trevor Ware's life changed forever.

Although it's been nearly a year since the motorcycle accident that almost  killed Trevor, every day is still a struggle.

However his friends and family knew exactly what would lift his spirit... Getting back on a bike.

"I want to ride again," he said.

"The last time I saw him he was really in bad shape," said Eric Stubbs.

Stubbs and his girlfriend were the ones who found Trevor on I-40 shortly after he'd been struck.

"My girlfriend,  before I even stopped, she was off the bike and we went over to him and he was still kind of breathing," he said.

Stubbs said they found it difficult to sleep that night knowing the person not only hit Trevor but dragged him and never stopped to help.

"Hopefully some justice was done," said Stubbs.

In May, Nathan Ray  was given 25 years as a part of a plea agreement, facing charges from seven different traffic offenses stemming from the accident that included driving while intoxicated.

He'll be eligible for parole after serving six years.

If there is a silver lining, the bikers said it's that they can raise awareness for drivers to watch for them when on the road.
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